2020 was the year of the campervan…is 2021 set to be even bigger?

2020 was the year of the campervan…is 2021 set to be even bigger?

In the topsy turvy world of 2020, staycations soon became the norm, as Brits looked to soak up the sun on the shores of the UK. While holiday lets and camping were flooded with bookings, it was the rise of the campervan that had the holiday market gripped.

So why is 2021 set to be the year of the campervan?

With summer holidays aboard still very much touch and go, people are exploring how to make the best of what the UK has to offer this summer. Campervans will be the star of the show as they are considered one of the safest forms of travel during Covid-19; as contact with other people can be kept to a minimal. They offer self-catering facilities, even the smallest ones tend to have a small sink and gas hob, and many have toilets and showers so there is no need to use public facilities. Add to this the fact that no ‘quarantining’ is required, this type of holiday provides ultimate flexibility.

Campervans aren’t just about summer staycations either. Thanks to being well insulated and heated, they are perfect for the cooler months, and people can take advantage of the UK whatever the season. We’re a huge advocate of this as it supports all year-round tourism for small businesses who survive on visitors exploring their towns and villages. It will also hopefully mean people fall back in love with the UK and appreciate all the beautiful hotspots.

Offering many benefits over traditional camping (don’t worry, we still love camping!), the campervan is a great platform for a comfortable night sleeps – did we mention that nearly all of them have mattresses? But what better way to improve it even further by adding a luxury Duvalay Sleeping Bag. A sleeping bag without a zip – hurrah – it also features an in-built luxury memory foam base for added comfort. The top pocket containing the duvet simply folds over you, so instead of feeling trapped, restricted and claustrophobic, you can kick out your legs and fully extend your arms.

Where it really comes into its own with a campervan is how easy it is to roll up and store when not in use. If the seating doubles as a bed, being able to fold it and use the straps to neatly hold it in place is useful, and it can then be stored at the bottom of wardrobes or storage boxes. There is also an array of colours to choose from and a choice of a summer (4.5 tog) or winter (10.5 tog) duvet so you can be prepped for the colder months. Shop the full range here.

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