Announcing a Major Development in Duvalay’s Transatlantic Progres

Announcing a Major Development in Duvalay’s Transatlantic Progres

It’s been a long and dedicated process; but we are delighted to announce that Duvalay has secured a patent to conquer America with our pioneering, favourite, hero product, the Duvalay.

We have never made a secret of our dream to cross the Atlantic with our much-loved range of products, and never stopped pushing for progress since we first made our application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in April 2008.

Six years later, we are completely thrilled and over the moon with this latest development in the Duvalay story.

The American patent confirms our belief that nothing in the world compares to the amazingly comfortable, trail-blazing Duvalay.

We were able to prove that nothing like the Duvalay existed in the UK, Europe and now in America, and now nobody will be able to produce an equivalent. The unique quality and design of our product is now protected, and we’re able to roll out Duvalay’s exclusive, signature care and comfort across yet another continent!

Our American mission will be challenging. We appreciate the almost incomprehensibly vast scale and myriad variations which characterise America’s enormous recreational vehicle (RV) market.

Duvalay is developing an appropriate strategy to do justice to our latest achievement. We will consider the best, State by State routes to market, and explore options to maximise the potential of our patent, a considerable investment which we have worked incredibly hard to obtain.

The next step will be attendance of a key trade show, the 52nd Annual RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in early December.

There will be many obstacles to overcome; but we will progress with optimism, caution, sound advice, and an open mind. As Richard Branston said, “everyone should have a Duvalay.” We believe that we will succeed.

Of course, our adventures stateside won’t in any way alter our focus on delivering customer service excellence and luxurious Duvalay comfort throughout all of our markets, home and away. The American patent will add a major, exciting string to our bow.

We will keep you up to date with our progress!

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