Duvalay's Dutch dream comes true!

Duvalay's Dutch dream comes true!

Duvalay is rolling out its award-winning range of amazingly comfortable, portable leisure products throughout the Netherlands.

Having secured patents and forged connections with distributors located throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America, there’s no doubt that our company is expanding. We have big plans for the future, but Duvalay remains true to its Yorkshire family roots anddedicated to our signature, expert, personal customer service excellence.

>With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce Mandy Krul, who will distribute Duvalay’s much-loved range throughout the Netherlands. Mandy was happy to give us an insight into the leisure industry in the Netherlands as well as explaining her future plans for Duvalay.

Hello Mandy! Our readers will be interested to know about camping and caravanning in the Netherlands – most will probably imagine that your climate can be pretty cold!

Our weather is actually fairly similar to the climate in England, with everything possible, from bright sunshine to beautiful snow. Our rain certainly doesn’t keep campers from camping: the leisure industry in the Netherlands is huge! We have lots of different camping and caravan sites throughout the Netherlands and there’s something for everybody, young and old.

How, where and when did you meet Liz and Alan Colleran and the Duvalay team?

We met Liz and Alan at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in Birmingham this February. We immediately establisheda relationship which felt good. I think that’s very important. It wasvery nice and fun to watchthe family working together, because we run a family business also. It was clear from this meeting that we would work with Duvalay.

When did you first become aware of Duvalay?

We had heard of the company but had never tried their range, until last year. During our summer vacation we tried out the original Duvalay memory foam sleeping bag and loved it. If you are selling a product you also have to try it and love it!

Can you tell us why the market in the Netherlands is right and ready for Duvalay?

People are increasingly looking for new and unique products to improve their leisure experience. Comfort makes a real difference. At our first outdoor show of this Spring, we unveiled Duvalay’s products. Customers were very enthusiastic. Today we all want to sleep comfortably even when we’re not at home, which is why people here are interested in Duvalay’s sleep quality.

We will introduceDuvalay across the Netherlands, distributing the range only among those stores that can provide quality, expert information and advice. Already, we are distributing the Duvalay luxury sleeping bag and all its accessories. Soon, I hope to distribute the portable mattress toppers as well as Duvalay’s shaped and bespoke toppers.

In Holland and I think in England too, there are a lot of products which are made cheaply. But Duvalay doesn’t have any competition - it’s top quality, it’s different, and it’s patented!

You run Jan Krul Caravans - Outdoor with your husband, Barry.How did you come to work in the leisure industry?

When I graduated from fashion school I needed a job very quickly! It wasn’t easy, but I found a role at a camping and leisure store, where I cleaned the caravans and campers.

Here I met Barry, who was learning to be a caravan mechanic. After a few years Barry joined his parents’ company, Jan Krul Caravans – Outdoor, while I joined the customer service division of a well-known Netherlands department store.

I eventually joined Jan Krul Caravans – Outdoor, where, after 15 years,my work involves sales, purchasing…actually a bit of everything, now including the distribution of Duvalay!

Can you tell us a little about Jan Krul Caravans – Outdoor?

The company is a very modern and versatile provider in the field of caravans and outdoor leisure.Since 1980, we have welcomed customerswith an interest in everythingrelated to caravans and tents, offering expert information as well asleisure vehicle servicing.

Like Duvalay, we are a family-run company. Since 2008, Barry has been co-owner of the company, together with his father. Our youngest son works as a mechanic when he isn’t studying, while the eldest maintains our website and online store

What would you say to anybody thinking of visiting the Netherlands?

We have a beautiful country with lots of different places to visit.If you love camping, you will discover many camping sites over here. The region is also perfectfor people who love hiking and biking.I recommend visiting ourcities all over the Netherlands; but also the coastline, which is beautiful. You can expect lots of sunshine but rain is also possible. It’s always a surprise!

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