Duvalay donates their Sleeping Bags to Ukrainian families and front-line soldiers

Duvalay donates their Sleeping Bags to Ukrainian families and front-line soldiers

Although extremely heart-wrenching to watch, the daily coverage of the war in Ukraine has brought out the best in people throughout the UK, as companies and individuals club together to donate much-needed aid and resources to those in need.

Previously used in disaster zones and relief efforts, we knew our Duvalay Sleeping Bags would be of great help to those fleeing their homes and being forced to reside in temporary housing and shelters. The inbuilt mattress topper base and attached duvet provides an easy and convenient way to convert any surface into a more comfortable place to sleep.

We explored several avenues in which to get the Sleeping Bags over to Ukraine, finally teaming up with Alutech Systems, a company local to Duvalay HQ who were planning a journey over to the Ukraine border to drop much-needed supplies.

So far we have donated in excess of 80 Duvalay's to an aid centre in Premsyl, Poland, where they have then been transported to Ukraine to help individuals, familes, and soldiers who are fighting on the front line.

“The scenes from Ukraine are truly horrific. Millions of families have had to flee the violence while those staying behind have made every effort to fight for their country. As a business in a position to help, it was important for us to make the donation in the hope it can help even a few," explains Liz, Sales & Marketing Director at Duvalay.

“Our Duvalay Sleeping Bags have previously been used in disaster zones around the world as they are able to instantly transform any surface into a suitable place to sleep. Since the first van load of Duvalay's arrived in Ukraine, we have remarkably heard from people who have family members on the front line that are making use of the sleeping bags for warmth and comfort on a night."

As a joint effort, Vitafoam kindly donated the foam used for the sleeping bag bases. This meant we were able to donate a larger quantity of the Duvalay's.

We would also like to thank Alutech Systems for organising the transport and their wonderful employees, Hubert & James (pictured), who made the long journey over to the Ukrainian border in a company van to donate the supplies.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukraine and its people during this extremely difficult time.

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