G'Day Duvalay

G'Day Duvalay

Duvalay is rolling out supreme comfort Down Under!

Our Australian partners, newly-weds Neil and Dee Hobbs, come from strong business backgrounds and, like Liz and Alan Colleran, are incredibly passionate about travel, leisure, and (of course) Duvalay’s fabulous range of products!

The Perth-based couple met after crossing the Atlantic during a two year, around-the-world sailing trip; a lifestyle adventure which gave them more than enough time to dwell upon the need for an instant, easy, portable, sleep-comfort-enhancing solution!

Having stumbled across Duvalay on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Neil and Dee felt that the original, award-winning Duvalay was the perfect product to fill a gap in Australia’s enormous caravan and camping market, which is currently growing at 20 per cent every year.

The Hobbs met with Liz last year on a freezing, rainy day at the Southampton Boat show. Twelve months later, having made firm friends with the Collerans, Neil and Dee signed on the dotted line and obtained sole rights to sell Duvalay in Australia and New Zealand.

The Hobbs are doing a fantastic job, bringing all of their enthusiasm and experience to play in building and promoting Duvalay’s brand Down Under. Our much-loved hero product is receiving a fantastic reception in stores and online across the continent, as well as establishing a popular presence at Australia and New Zealand’s camping, caravan and boating shows.

The Duvalay is causing a stir, as nothing like it was previously available in Australia and New Zealand. iMotorhome Magazine, which called the Duvalay ‘a revelation’, struggled to describe the Duvalay; describing it as ‘a sort-of luxury sleeping bag which is, in truth, more like an envelope than a bag’.

The product is perfectly suited to Australia’s mixed climate. One reviewer commented: ‘Because the duvet is so wide, you can easily snuggle down and cushion it around your neck if it’s cool - or stick out a limb or two if it’s too warm’.

Customers at Camper Deals described the Duvalay as their ‘best purchase ever’, adding that the time-saving and user-friendly Duvalay ‘looks as neat as a pin’.

Duvalay has also received an overwhelmingly positive welcome from Australia’s ‘grey nomads’: a thriving and influential community of retired consumers who spend their retirement travelling Australia in caravans and campervans.

The Grey Nomad Times reports: ‘It’s not often that an exciting and ingenious travel-related invention puts enthusiastic grey nomads to sleep... but that’s exactly what the Duvalay is doing. The memory foam sleeping system is making its way into the caravans, motorhomes and tents of Australian travellers, where the innovation has been met with a resounding zzzzzz!’

We will keep you posted on Duvalay’s progress Down Under, and wish Neil and Dee Hobbs every success with their venture.

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