Carry on camping; The Duvalay Sleeping Bag in the press

Carry on camping; The Duvalay Sleeping Bag in the press

It has been a busy few months at Duvalay HQ. While we had to put our manufacturing on hold during the initial stages of lockdown, we worked hard behind the scenes to plan our next chapter and ensure the longevity of our business.

One thing we knew for sure was that our products continued to be highly thought of by our loyal customers and so we wanted to spread the word even further.

Over the last few months we have embarked on a new communication strategy to support our business growth plans, following the decision to bring back all our employees from furlough in June.

And what reviews we have had! Our Duvalay Luxury Sleeping Bag has been the star of the show, winning rave reviews from the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Sun on Sunday and The Independent, securing a spot on the list of the 13 best sleeping bags to buy.

So what did they have to say about us?

“The undisputed luxury option in this list… it performs impressively. If you want your sleeping bag to replicate the feel of a real bed, this is the product for you.” James Forrest, The Independent.

“An essential buy…it is a sleeping bag but not as you know it.” The Sun on Sunday.

“Buy of the week! The Duvalay is an essential if you are heading off on a camping trip.” Jane Memmler, Daily Mirror.

“The Duvalay sleeping bag is absolutely is my absolute top choice camping accessory.” Alice Smellie, Daily Mail.

We can’t forget our Dinky Duvalay sleeping bag either, which also made it on The Independent’s list of best sleeping bags for children (as did our adult one for teenagers).

“This is such a clever idea…it is brilliant for little ones who overheat easily.” Heidi Scrimgeour, The Independent.

We are over the moon with the reviews we have had from leading journalists who really know their stuff when it comes to travel.

We have also been working hard at showcasing our new range of mattresses-in-a-box and we can’t wait to share this coverage with you over the coming months.

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