Don’t get hot and bothered with FreshTec

Don’t get hot and bothered with FreshTec

It is just over three years since Duvalay launched their innovative FreshTec range and what a journey they have been on! A revolutionary upgrade to standard memory foam, FreshTec is a premium quality foam that not only offers pressure relief and first-class comfort, but also actively fights heat retention, thanks to its increased airflow properties.

Having tested the product extensively themselves, along with customer testing amongst their loyal fan base, the feedback has been mind-blowing. FreshTec was introduced into Duvalay’s bestselling sleeping bags as an upgraded option to the standard memory foam, as well as featuring in a brand new collection of mattresses and mattress toppers that were launched in 2020.

The newly launched products have featured heavily in the media this year, securing excellent reviews on the likes of Ideal Home, Glamour Magazine, Wired and the Independent.

Duvalay’s Easysleep Three (featuring FreshTec) was voted ‘the best for breathability’ by Glamour magazine, and with its temperature regulating properties it makes it ‘perfect for those who get too hot at night’! had very similar things to say about the EasySleep Three mattress too! The reviewer ‘enjoyed the support the foam top provided without the mattress feeling too solid and without our body temperature raising during sleep.’

For those not wanting to invest in a new mattress but still wishing to feel the benefits of FreshTec, Duvalay also launched their FreshTec mattress topper, both for leisure vehicles and home beds. This has proved to be the most popular topper this year; marrying the pressure relief and comfort benefits you get from memory foam, with a cooler, fresher feel. The Independent listed Duvalay’s FreshTec mattress topper on their list of ‘Top 10 Mattress Toppers for a comfortable and well supported sleep’, with it securing the top spot for those who get too hot at night, including menopausal women.

So…lets make 2021 the year of blissful (& cool) sleep!

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