Four Ways to Sleep Well in Your Motorhome or Caravan

Four Ways to Sleep Well in Your Motorhome or Caravan

Whether you're planning to trek out into the wilds or to return to your favourite holiday home site, getting a good night's sleep is sure to be high on your priority list. Take control of your comfort levels with a sleep solution from Duvalay that's tailor-made for you - from award-winning sleeping bags to shaped bespoke mattresses. You can see them all at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show 2016 from 11 to 16 October...

Duvalay Luxury Memory Foam Sleeping Bag: The All-in-One Solution

Caravan, motorhome, tent... your Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag makes anywhere you care to rest your head an instant and luxurious sleep space. Simply undo the buckled straps, roll it out and climb inside for award-winning levels of comfort. The bottom pocket holds the gold memory foam topper, while the top cover holds the duvet. Sold with a carry bag, it's a doddle to transport - whether you’re going door-to-door or out into the wilds. Offering maximum comfort for minimum storage, this is the sleep solution for you if you're short on space, want a product you can machine wash at 40 degrees, and need an integral duvet.

Duvalay Portable Mattress Topper: The Comfort Controller

Completely change the way you sleep on the move with a Portable Mattress Topper from Duvalay. Designed to be easily rolled and stored away, this product turns wherever you're sleeping into a beautiful, cushioning and supportive surface that's conducive to a great night's sleep. Available in two depths (2.5cm and 5.5cm) and four lengths (66cm, 77cm, 122cm and 137cm), Duvalay's Portable Mattress Toppers comes with a luxurious, zipped, washable protector to aid temperature control (due to its breathability). Ideal for use in a leisure vehicle, or when you're travelling away from home, this is the sleep solution for you if you like to be in control of your comfort levels at all times.

Duvalay Shaped / Bespoke Bed Topper: The Icing on the Cake

Love your caravan or motorhome but not its lumpy, uncomfortable beds? Whatever the size or shape, Duvalay makes a standard or bespoke Bed Topper to dramatically reduce aches and pains, and relieve nagging pressure points. Available for double, king and super-king beds, each Bed Topper comes with a luxury stretchy cover, which can be unzipped and machine washed at 40 degrees. You tell us the make, model and year your leisure vehicle was manufactured, and sit back while we do the rest. This is the ideal solution if you’re looking for 'home from home' luxury, with a bespoke twist.

Duvalay Shaped Bespoke Mattresses - The 'Best of the Best'

Tailored exactly to suit your personal requirements, a Duvalay Shaped Bespoke Mattress is the last word in leisure vehicle luxury. Relieving painful pressure points that cause interrupted sleep, the models in the range are packed with 100 per cent recycled fibre that's up to 35 percent lighter than traditional mattress fillings - saving you money on your fuel. Choose Duvalite Memory fibre if you prefer a firmer, more supportive feel, or - for a more natural feel and finish - opt for the premium Gold Eclipse Mattress, with cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. Duvalay can even zone your mattress to suit different firmness and comfort requirements - perfect if you’re a couple with differing needs. This is the ideal solution for you if you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that - due to its popularity - the Duvalite Apollo Mattress, is now used in the Swift Group’s Conqueror, Elegance, Elite and Continental models as standard.

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