Three ways to sleep better in 2020

Three ways to sleep better in 2020

One in five Brits make New Year’s Resolutions… Are you one of them?

Many resolutions centre on health goals – from making better food choices to exercising more. Rethinking your attitude towards sleep, which is essential to mental and physical wellbeing, is another important aspiration to work towards.

“Negative thoughts like: ‘I never get a good night’s sleep’, do nothing to serve us,” says Liz Colleran, Sales & Marketing Director at Duvalay.

“A bad night’s sleep isn’t something that just happens to us! From partner disturbance and stress, to an uncomfortable bed, there are many reasons why we feel exhausted in the morning.

‘We need to stop accepting that feeling tired all the time is the norm and start taking positive action to improve the quality of our sleep.”

Here are our top three tips for 2020:

1) Reduce partner disturbance

Sleeping with a snorer can be challenging – negatively impacting on an otherwise great relationship. Elevating the upper body and reducing pressure on the airway can help. Duvalay’s Deluxe Pillow is twice as deep as our Classic Pillow and has a thicker, more supportive core. It also cradles the head and neck to minimise any tossing and turning.

The best mattress for couples is a pocket sprung mattress, which isolates the movement of one partner to prevent the disturbance of the other. Choose our D-Luxe Mattress for caravans and motorhomes, or find your nearest stockist to upgrade to an award-winning pocket sprung mattress for your home from our Hilary Devey, Rosalia or Wooltec collections.

If you’re used to the constricted feeling of two sleeping bags zipped together, our Duvalay Sleeping Bags will be a revelation! The top pocket containing the duvet simply folds over the user, with total freedom to kick out your legs and fully extend your arms. Simply position two together to make a double – resulting in minimal disturbance for both sleepers.

2) Reduce stress

Duvalay Travel Toppers roll out in seconds – transforming hard seats or any tired, old bed into a more comfortable, luxurious place to sleep. Smoothing away surface lumps and bumps, they offer outstanding pressure relief and soothe aching joints. In the morning, simply roll them back up and secure them with the straps for stress-free storage.

The D-Roll is the easiest way to install a top-quality mattress in any caravan, campervan or motorhome. This brand-new, rolled-up foam mattress is delivered in a handy box direct to your door that you can take it straight to your van. It takes just minutes to unpack and unroll before fully expanding in a few hours for your easiest mattress installation yet.

3) Practise consistency

If you love our Duvalay products in your leisure vehicle, then why not invest in our mattresses, toppers and pillows for your home? It’s no good returning refreshed and relaxed from a break away only to climb into a back-breaking bed that aggravates painful joints.

If your mattress is seven years old or more, the Sleep Council recommends it’s time for a change. Who better to trust than Britain’s ‘Bed Manufacturer of the Year’? Choose between our ultimate memory foam mattress with outstanding pressure relief of our FreshTec mattress, which is ideal for those prone to night sweats.

4) Get ready for our January Sale!

For a limited time only, save up to 20% on all mattresses, toppers and pillows across our indoor and outdoor ranges in our biggest ever January Sale – beginning at midnight on New Year’s Eve!

Our amazing discounts are only available whilst stocks last, so why not start putting together your wish list so you can be first to grab a bargain?

Don’t miss out… the sale MUST end on Wednesday, 15th January!

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