4 ways to make 2017 your comfiest year of caravanning yet!

4 ways to make 2017 your comfiest year of caravanning yet!

Comfort and caravanning may not traditionally have gone hand in hand, but a new generation of memory foam products is transforming any surface into a luxurious place to lounge and sleep...

If you believe that feeling a little uncomfortable in a leisure vehicle bed is a necessary sacrifice, trust us when we say you’re restricting your enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.

Any caravan, motorhome, campervan (or for that matter boat or truck) can be a ‘home for home’ if you take some simple steps to make where you sleep on the road as comfortable as your bed at home.

  1. Pillows - Choosing the right pillow is essential to provide both support and extreme levels of comfort. It can be the key to alleviating or avoiding not only neck and upper back pain, but also shoulder, hip and other kinds of joint pain. Whether you’re bedding down for the night or simply reclining against it while watching TV, you should feel totally cushioned and relaxed by your pillow – free from aches and pains.

    Top Tips - Designed to be ultra-huggable, you can fluff and puff our market-leading Conventional Pillow – made from premium grade memory foam – to your heart’s content. The ergonomic shape of our Contoured Neck Pillow provides pressure-free support while relieving neck pain.
  2. Portable Mattress Toppers – Are your seats hard and uncomfortable? If they feels less cushioning than you would like them to be, a Portable Mattress Topper will dramatically improve your comfort levels and transform how you sleep on the move. Suitable even for the most compact of vehicles, our Portable Mattress Toppers roll easily, include luxury stretch protectors, and come with optional extras such as Storage Bags and Percale Zipped Sheets in your choice of colour. Choose your preferred depth – either 2.5cm or 5cm – and a length to suit your bed (66cm, 77cm, 122cm or 137cm).

    Top Tip – Put two together to make a double.
  3. Shaped Mattress Topper or Bespoke Mattress Topper – The best way to enjoy that wonderful Duvalay memory foam experience is to extend your current mattress with a Shaped Mattress Topper or Bespoke Mattress Topper. Whether it’s a warm summer night or a cold winter’s evening, the luxury stretch protector will help to regulate and maintain your body temperature; adding an extra layer of comfort so you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for a day of exploring!

    Top Tips – Simply choose between standard Double, King or Super-King size and provide us with the make, model and year of manufacture of your leisure vehicle. Our Yorkshire craftsmen will cut your topper to any size or shape!
  4. Mattresses – The Sleep Council say it’s especially important to think about changing your mattress if it’s seven years old or more. While it may look okay, it may not be providing you with the level of comfort and support necessary for good spine health and a great night’s sleep. Even if you only sleep in your caravan or motorhome at weekends or on short breaks, the cumulative effect will exacerbate a bad back, which 40 percent of Brits suffer from. Our Shaped Mattresses and Bespoke Mattresses contain a supportive core of either fibres, memory foam or springs, and some are complemented by softer layers of natural fibres – cashmere, wool, silk and cotton – to give a more luxurious feel (check individual specifications).

    Top Tips - The Duvalite material we use in our Golden Eclipse, Apollo and Gravity mattresses contains recycled fibre – making them 35 percent lighter than traditional mattresses. Not only will it save you money on fuel on any journey, it makes changing your bed-linen much easier!

    For a limited time only, buy our Pillows, Portable Mattress Toppers, Shaped or Bespoke Mattress Toppers and Mattresses in our New Year Sale and save up to 25 percent! Shop at www.duvalay.co.uk between 1 and 15 January 2017!

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