Duvalay in the driving seat thanks to Mercedes-Benz collaboration

Duvalay in the driving seat thanks to Mercedes-Benz collaboration

Duvalay are delighted to announce they are Mercedes-Benz’ mattress manufacturer of choice for a high-specification truck that has been developed exclusively for the UK market.

With just a hundred available, the UK Limited Edition Actros1 has been designed for truck drivers with all of their needs firmly in mind – including the importance of a good night’s sleep. Acting as the perfect companion to the cabin’s ambient lighting system, Duvalay’s premium comfort mattress has been customised to ensure a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Liz Colleran, Duvalay’s Sales & Marketing Director, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Mercedes-Benz, who are an iconic brand known for their commitment to high-quality design and technology. The Actros1 is an exclusive model that places a particular emphasis on truck drivers being as comfortable as possible while they’re working, which was very appealing to us. We understand how crucial it is for them to feel well-rested when it comes to their ability to work effectively and safely, so we are especially pleased that our product will be making an active contribution towards their well-being and performance.

"This is an exciting opportunity for two prestige brands to work together to revolutionise cabin comfort for truck drivers.”

Mercedes-Denz Actros Truck

It is Mercedes-Benz' vision that the Actros1 feels like a home from home, where the latest innovations in safety, efficiency, connectivity and comfort are displayed – creating the perfect business partner for drivers.

Among the model’s features are the latest version of Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA4), which monitors the road ahead and is able to identify potential hazards – including pedestrians; the latest generation of fuel-efficient Euro VI OM471/OM473 engines coupled with an optimised 12-speed Mercedes-Benz Powershift 3 gearbox; the Mercedes-Benz Uptime – a virtual guardian that monitors the truck in real-time and offers notifications when scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is due; and the spacious flat floor GigaSpace Cab, which boasts not only Duvalay’s custom bedding, but also a generous front and rear overhead locker space with pull-out fridge and microwave.

For more information, visit actros1.mbtrucksuk.com

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