Five benefits of organic cotton

Five benefits of organic cotton

Our premium-quality pillows have had an upgrade! When you purchase a Contoured Pillow, Classic Pillow or Deluxe Pillow from the Duvalay Pillow Collection, it now comes with a soft, luxurious and sustainable protective case – handcrafted from organic cotton.

Let’s look at why organic cotton is better for you and the environment:

Kinder to your skin

The comfort feel of organic cotton is superior to normal cotton thanks to its longer fibres.

Cotton grows inside a protective boll and organic varieties are handpicked. This gentler approach to farming reduces stress on the delicate fibres – meaning they’re less likely to break.

Fewer fibre breakages results in longer-lasting products that feel gorgeously soft to the touch. (The rising trend in organic cotton baby wraps shows just how supportive, yet gentle, organic cotton can be!)

Kinder to the environment

Conventional cotton farming involves the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers which puts the surrounding soil, air and water quality at risk.

Certified organic cotton has been produced without the use of hazardous chemicals or genetically modified organisms, and complies with strict agricultural standards.

Improving soil fertility also helps to lock CO2 inside, which The Soil Association says helps to mitigate climate change.

Kinder to harvesters and farmers

Workers on conventional cotton farms are at greater risk of experiencing chronic health problems linked with toxic chemical exposure. As organic cotton farms are prohibited from using hazardous materials, working conditions are much safer for those who harvest the crops.

Costly pesticides can put farmers in developing nations into debt, which has led to high instances of suicide in countries such as India. As pesticides are banned on organic farms, production costs are lower – thus reducing financial stress.

Kinder to allergies

Chemical sensitivity can trigger everything from headaches and skin rashes to asthma and indigestion. Organic cotton doesn’t contain chemical residue and is, therefore, a healthier choice for people living with allergies. Long-stable cotton fibres are also breathable – allowing air to freely circulate throughout the fabric for a fresher, more hygienic feel.

Kinder to your conscience

Making greener choices is part of being an accountable consumer. Your purchase power can truly change the world, so spend wisely with companies that are committed to sustainability!

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