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Sleeping in a heatwave: How to keep your cool

Sleeping in a heatwave: How to keep your cool

The current heatwave we are experiencing in the UK is glorious; we can fully embrace the outdoors and dig out the summer wardrobe that is neglected for fifty out of fifty-two weeks of the year. However, the fun and games come to an end when it hits bedtime, as the high temperatures make drifting off to sleep near on impossible.

Besides the obvious advice to sleep with a fan switched on, we come to you with more useful hacks to make sleeping in the heatwave that little bit easier.

Keep windows and blinds closed throughout the day

You might be under the impression that opening your bedroom windows throughout the day helps to circulate the air and cool the room down. All it does however is invite the hot air from outside in. Keeping both your windows and blinds closed will block the sunlight from entering and keep the room temperature down, creating a more bearable sleeping environment.

Ditch your duvet and replace it with a thin sheet

Your first instinct will be to throw off all your bedding and sleep with nothing covering you. However, research suggests that this will actually disrupt your body’s ability to control the temperature next to your skin. Instead, opt for a thin sheet that doesn’t provide too much insulation. We recommend either a cotton or linen sheet as both are woven from natural fibres, making them much more breathable.

Cool down your pillow

This is definitely one for the hot sleepers. Put your freezer blocks in a bag and place them into the underside of your pillowcase for the ultimate cooldown. Another great hack is filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water and putting it in your bed - it’s simple yet effective.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

It can be hard to fight the urge to grab an ice-cold alcoholic drink after a hot day, but too much alcohol in the evening can leave you dehydrated and increase your body temperature, impacting heavily on your night’s sleep.

Invest in a cooling mattress topper

If you're a naturally hot sleeper even without a heatwave, and you're already on the lookout for a mattress topper to improve your beds comfort feel, choose one with cooling properties. The Duvalay FreshTec Cooling Mattress Topper is crafted from breathable, open cell foam that helps to regulate your temperature as you sleep. The toppers Maxicool™ cover works alongside the FreshTec foam to further improve air ciculation and reduce humidity built up. It's the answer to a cooler, fresher night's sleep.

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