The best mattress topper for your VW Campervan

The best mattress topper for your VW Campervan

The past two years have seen a huge boom in staycations, with millions of us choosing to explore more of what the UK has to offer rather than venturing overseas.

While some have chosen the more traditional hotel and B&B stays, many have decided to take the plunge and invest in their very own ‘home on wheels’. In fact, it is estimated that a record breaking 16,600 new campervans and motorhomes were registered between July 2020 to June 2021 – blowing previous records out of the water. Here at Duvalay we have certainly noticed a huge spike in first-time campervan owners purchasing our innovative sleep products – with the majority owning the iconic VW Camper.

When it comes to leisure vehicles, campervans certainly have a plethora of perks, from lower fuel consumption to easy parking. However, a comfortable sleeping arrangement sadly isn’t one of them. VW Campervans most commonly come with Rock and Roll beds installed as standard, and although they serve their purpose, they often don’t make for a comfy place to sleep.

So, you may ask: How do I make my VW campervan bed more comfortable?

I’m thrilled to tell you we have the solution.

At Duvalay our mission is to ensure you get the very best night’s sleep wherever you are. After years of supplying our products to campervan owners we figured it was time we introduced a range of products designed specifically for use on VW Campervan Rock and Roll beds. Our highly skilled, experienced team have studied a variety of templates to design a topper that is a suitable fit for most models, including the VW T5, T6 and T6.1, so if you decide to upgrade or swap your campervan the topper can come with you.

The range includes: the Compact – a space-saving slimmer mattress topper for easy storage, the Comfort – a deeper topper for added ‘comfort’ and support, and the FreshTec – our next generation cooling foam offering pressure relief and comfort. Our toppers can be rolled up and secured with handy storage straps when not in use and easily rolled out again in seconds – perfect after a long drive or day exploring.

And if it couldn’t get any better, each VW Campervan Topper comes with a FREE luxury Zipped Sheet in your colour choice to turn bed-making into an easy task.

We’ve also put together three great value bundles for those on the lookout for a super saving. The VW Campervan Topper Bundles include either the Compact, Comfort or FreshTec Topper, 2 Zipped Sheets and 2 pillows of your choice.

It’s time to transform the feel of your hard and uncomfortable campervan bed and say hello to luxury comfort in your home away from home.

Shop our full range of campervan products here.

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