Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag

The Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag has a thicker memory foam base than the Compact edition, offering a more comfortable night's sleep on even the hardest or most uneven surfaces.

  • Smooths any surface and provides great pressure relief
  • Premium supportive 4cm/5cm Gold Memory Foam base
  • Duvet and topper combination
  • Simply roll out, sleep in comfort and roll away
  • Use one for a single or two to make a double
  • Unlike a traditional sleeping bag, you are not zipped in

Add optional extras including a storage bag, pillows and pillowcases. Check out our great-value Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag Bundle for a super saving!


Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag

Our best-selling product among caravan and motorhome enthusiasts, the Duvalay Comfort Sleeping Bag is just as good in campervans, trucks, boats and tents. It can also be used in the home as a quick and easy bed for guests and sleepovers.

Combining outstanding comfort with incredible ease of use, simply undo the straps and roll out the sleeping bag for a great night's sleep.

Customer feedback suggests that the 4cm topper depth provides fantastic pressure relief and support; however, for those sleepers who have a particularly bad back or aching joints, our 5cm topper offers even more support.

All Duvalay Sleeping Bags are reversible allowing you to put two together to make a luxurious double.

The Duvalay Sleeping Bag holds UK (1843682) European and American patents.

Product Sizes

Tog Length Width Depth Rolled Diameter Weight Duvet Size
4.5 190cm / 6’3” 58cm / 1’11”
66cm / 2’2”
77cm / 2’6”
4cm / 1.5”
5cm / 2”
36cm / 1.18' Approx
5.9kg / 13lbs
Standard single
135cm x 200cm
10.5 190cm / 6’3” 58cm / 1’11”
66cm / 2’2”
77cm / 2’6”
4cm / 1.5”
5cm / 2”
38cm / 1.25' Approx
6kg / 13.2lbs
Standard single
135cm x 200cm

Please note: Due to the dimensional stability of memory foam all sizes have a tolerance of around 1.5cm or ½"

Washing Instructions

Luxury Percale Polycotton Cover

  • 40 degree wash
  • No bleaching
  • Iron at low temperature
  • Gentle cleaning with PCE
  • Tumble drying allowed

4.5 & 10.5 tog Duvet

  • 40 degree wash
  • No bleaching
  • No Ironing 
  • No dry cleaning


What is a Duvalay?

A Duvalay Sleeping Bag is not like any ordinary sleeping bag. It consists of a mattress topper base (in either our high quality memory foam or cooling FreshTec foam) and a duvet. Unlike a traditional sleeping bag you are only zipped in down one side, meaning you don’t have to worry about being restricted.

Which width do I need to choose?

The most popular width is the 66cm, this fits on the majority of caravan and motorhome seats. The 58cm width usually works best in campervans where the sleeping area is narrower, or opt for the wider 77cm if you would like the extra room. We recommend measuring the width of your sleeping area to determine which size would work best for you.

What length are the Duvalay Sleeping Bags?

All our Duvalay Sleeping Bags are 190cm in length. This is a standard length that fits the majority of sleeping areas. For more information on Duvalay Sleeping Bag sizes please check the ‘Product Sizes’ tab.

What is the roll size of the Comfort Duvalay Sleeping Bag?

Approximately 38cm rolled diameter.

What is the depth of the mattress topper in the Comfort Duvalay Sleeping Bag?

Our Comfort Duvalay consists of a 4cm depth topper or upgrade to the 5cm for maximum comfort.

Is it possible for the Duvalay to open on either side?

Yes, our Duvalay Sleeping Bags are reversible, meaning you can have the opening on either the left- or right-hand side. Simply put your hand into the bottom enclosed corner and grab the corner of the mattress topper. Pull this towards you and turn the sleeping bag inside out (no covers have to be removed for this).

What do I do if I have a double bed?

Simply reverse one of the Duvalays so that the zips appear on the opposite side and push two together to make up a double size. They sit side by side nicely without moving apart.

Do you sell spare covers for the Duvalay Sleeping Bags?

Yes, click here to view our Duvalay Spare Covers.

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