The supreme quality Diamond is our finest, premium luxury mattress. Containing 2000 nested pocket springs and layers of our finest natural fillings it features a Summer side (Cotton) and Winter side (Wool, Cashmere). Featuring:

  • 2000 Nested Pocket Springs
  • Natural Cotton
  • The finest Wool
  • Luxurious Silk
  • Soft & durable Cashmere
  • Genuine hand-side stitched border
  • Air Vents
  • Hand Tufted
  • Flag stitched Handles

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Features Benefits
2000 Nested Pocket Springs Each spring individually senses your weight and shape to provide total body support & correct spinal alignment 
Natural Cotton  Supremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and excellent at wicking moisture away.
The finest Wool Naturally springy, comfortable and durable
Luxurious Silk ultra soft & comfortable. One of natures most luxurious materials
Soft & durable Cashmere  Soft and extremely durable as well as being an excellent temperature regulator.
Genuine hand-side stitched border Traditional hand-side stitching secures the springs to the mattress border and prevents 'roll out'
Air vents Added air vents to the mattress border, increasing airflow and keeping it cool & breathable.
Summer and Winter side Cotton side for summer, Wool side for winter
Hand Tufted Hand tufted using wool rosettes to create the perfect finish

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